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Creamsicle 48" Beaded Parasol

Creamsicle 48" Beaded Parasol

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This parasol is 48" in diameter and I call this colorway Creamsicle because it starts as a creamy orange at the center and the orange color fades very gradually out lighter and lighter until it's nearly cream colored at the edge. 

The pattern has a central flower that is surrounded by scallops and picots to the edge. 

This parasol has a wood main shaft with a curved handle and brass fittings for the top and arm tips. I have reinforced the arms for increased durability. The opener is automatic and care should be exercised to ensure the arm tips aren't caught in the mandala before opening.

While it won't keep the rain off your head, the parasol will diminish the sun's rays and maybe help the purple-lover or goth in your heart sing out. 

These pics are a little dim because I took them outside in our totally normal April snow storms. My attempts to correct the white balance end up changing the orange color of the mandala and I can't have that. In the last photo this parasol is being modeled by the lovely and talented @falkencraft. 

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