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All Flowers, Purple Gradient 33" Parasol

All Flowers, Purple Gradient 33" Parasol

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This parasol is 33" in diameter featuring a gradient from lavender to a warm dark purple. This parasol features daisy petals and leaves at the center and tulips on the outside. I created this pattern myself. 

This yarn is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. This certification means the yarn has been tested for harmful substances that may occur in harvesting, processing, or dyeing the yarn.

The first pic was taken indoors, the other two were taken outside to give you the widest array of lighting options. 

This parasol has a steel main shaft with a straight handle and bamboo fittings for the top and arm tips. The opener is manual. Care should be exercised to ensure the arm tips aren't caught in the crochet mandala before opening.

It's not an umbrella, so it won't keep the rain off your head, this parasol will diminish the sun's rays and help you look whimsical. 

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