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Angry Cthulhu Amigurumi Mini Yellow & Green with Sparkly Blue

Angry Cthulhu Amigurumi Mini Yellow & Green with Sparkly Blue

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Mini Angry Cthulhu is so very angry, but also so small and cute! The ancient one may be able to destroy the universe, but before all that it will make you grin and tell it how cute its anger is.

This Mini Angry Cthulhu is made with a great yellow-green shifting yarn that has a blue metallic thread running through it which give the whole amigurumi a lovely sparkly.

Mini Cthulhu's angry eyebrows are sisters, not twins and are not sparkly. Mini Cthulhu's eyes are plastic safety eyes that will not detach.

Mini Angry Cthulhu is 3" in diameter and about 3" long, although the tentacles can be stretched or twisted to change the overall size.

Mini Angry Cthulhu waits in the depths for your call.

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