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Aromantic Pride Flag Dumpling Cat Amigurumi

Aromantic Pride Flag Dumpling Cat Amigurumi

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Aromantic pride dumpling cat is a great way to celebrate your pride subtly at home, at school, or at work.

This flag was created by Cameron Whimsy on Tumblr in Nov. 2014. It features five horizontal stripes of dark green, light green, white, gray and black. The two green colors symbolize the aromantic spectrum as green is the opposite of red, the color commonly associated with romantic feelings. White stands for platonic and aesthetic attractions. Grey and black stand for the spectrum of sexualities. 

This dumpling kitty stands 5.5" tall from base to ear tip and 3.5" across. They're "dumpling cats" because of their lovable chonky body shape. This little buddy has golden eyes.

Their crochet base is flat so standing upright is what they do best!

Made with cotton acrylic blend yarn, cotton embroidery floss, safety eyes, and fiberfill.

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