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Gay Pride Flag Blue Axolotl Amigurumi

Gay Pride Flag Blue Axolotl Amigurumi

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Rainbow Pride Axolotl is so happy! Their wry little smile is sure to bring you warm feelings.

This gay pride axolotl cutie is 7.5" tall from tail to frills, 4.5" wide, about 3" thick, and waiting for a cuddly home.

The body of this axolotl is made of white and very light blue speckled with darker orange yarn. The rainbow color theme of the frills, tail, and spots is taken from the Gay Pride Flag and can maybe help you feel more visible in any environment. Love is love.

My axolotls heads are large and their necks are small - this makes them Little Bit Bobble-Headed Axolotls. Maybe they just enjoy headbanging? Maybe they're imitating the way puppies will curious cock their heads to one side? Only you'll know for sure.

This axolotl comes with black plastic safety eyes and all of the frills/limbs/tail are securely fastened.

Gay pride axolotl does not stand up on their own.


I do my best to save on the effluvia of receiving products in the mail. 

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