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Gaysies! Gay Pride Flag Daisy Amigurumi

Gaysies! Gay Pride Flag Daisy Amigurumi

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This Gaysie (gay pride flag daisy) is so sweet! I love looking at the little smiling face when I need a little lift and hope you will, too! 

This daisy has flower petals in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The stem and 2 leaves are a darker green than the green petal. The daisy stem sits in dark brown yarn soil which is contained in a terra cotta brown yarn pot. On the bottom you'll find my label.

Unlike my other amigurumi, the pot is not filled with fiber fill but with beans instead! The flower head is quite heavy, so balancing them with beans just made sense to me. Don't let the pot get wet - it may sprout!

Overall the daisy is 9.5" tall, the petals are 6" wide, and the pot is about 3" across. There is a solid dowel in the stem holding this flower up and a round base at the bottom of the pot. 

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