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Asexual Pride Flag 48" Beaded Parasol

Asexual Pride Flag 48" Beaded Parasol

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This parasol is 48" in diameter featuring the asexual pride flag colors with purple in the center fading to white which fades to grey and finally to black. The asexual pride flag comes from an AVEN user in August 2010 and consists of black, grey, white, and purple stripes. 

The pattern is called Meu Mondo and is a combination of pineapples, fans, and spikes throughout. Each pineapple is beaded with metallic beads reflecting a color found on the yarn. Closest to the center of the mandala the beads are clear, the next pineapples have purple-grey beads, and the final small pineapples have purple-blue beads. These beads are not sewn on, I thread them on the yarn before I begin crocheting. 

This parasol has a wood main shaft with a curved handle and brass fittings for the top and arm tips. I have reinforced the arms for increased durability. The opener is automatic and care should be exercised to ensure the arm tips aren't caught in the mandala before opening.

While it won't keep the rain off your head, the parasol will diminish the sun's rays and maybe help your heart sing out. 

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