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Hoppy Valentine Amigurumi for your special someone

Hoppy Valentine Amigurumi for your special someone

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This Valentine's Day you can wish your sweetheart a Hoppy Valentines with my cute amigurumi.

To be honest, I originally called these guys Bunny Heart Weirdos, but my partner called them Hoppy Valentines and that was kinder to the ear and the concept. I'm lucky to have them!

This particular Hoppy Valentine has a heart shaped body of bright red with tan colored nose, ears, and feet. The ears are long and fully posable while the feet are broad and feature black delineations marking the toes on this bunny's feet. You'll find a happy little plastic bee on the left foot of my Hoppy Valentine. When you turn this amigurumi around you'll find a big floofy rainbow accented white tail firmly attached.

Hoppy Valentine stands 5.5" tall from feet to eyes and the total length on the ears is 5". The ears can be positioned to increase the overall height of the amigurumi. All of the yarns used in this amigurumi are cotton/bamboo blends, the fluffy tail is acrylic, the bee is plastic, and the safety eyes are plastic.

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