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Non binary Enby Pride Dumpling Cat Amigurumi

Non binary Enby Pride Dumpling Cat Amigurumi

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Happy little enby pride dumpling cat is an easy way to show your pride without raising any ire in a workplace or home. And no one ever has enough cats! This chonker features to non binary (enby) pride flag created by Kye Rowan in 2014 which begins with a bright yellow yellow stripe representing people with genders outside the binary, a white stripe for people with many or all genders, a purple stripe for people with genders that are a mix of male and female, and a black stripe for people who do not have a gender.

They stand 6" tall and 3" across.

Their base is flat so standing upright is what they do best!

Made with washable yarn, safety eyes, cotton embroidery floss, and fiber fill.


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