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Sapphic Pride Flag 33" Parasol

Sapphic Pride Flag 33" Parasol

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This parasol is 33" in diameter featuring the Sapphic Pride Flag with purple at the center fading to pink, yellow, and finally green at the edges. The sapphic pride flag was designed by kispesan on Tumblr and the colors are taken from a poem by Sappho. kispesan says: "Sappho describes her lover as wearing violets, rosebuds, dill and crocuses. Reading this, it was like a puzzle came together in my head, all at once." 

The pattern is a combination of pineapples and several varieties of fan throughout.

This parasol has a bamboo main shaft with a straight handle and bamboo fittings for the top and arm tips. The opener is automatic and care should be exercised to ensure the arm tips aren't caught in the mandala before opening.

While it won't keep the rain off your head, the parasol will diminish the sun's rays and demonstrate your love of Sappho's poetry and love of women. 

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